Francis Promotes: Cats Identifying As Dogs And Gay Adoption

Francis’ Scholas Occurrentes Pontifical Foundation promotes gender and homosex ideology in at least a dozen Latin American countries.

The immoral material is part of a book series published since 2015 and called “With Francis by my Side.” It features Francis on the cover.

Among these publications is the book “I am a dog!.” It tells the story of a “short, courageous white kitten” that sought to be recognised as a dog. Some dogs agree because a donkey identifying as horse argues for the cat's cause. The book spreads the myth that “our image and sense of ourselves develops throughout our lives.”

Another story is “Chiquillería” (“Kids’ Stuff”). It explains the truism that “there are children who have a father and mother. One of each one." This is developed into the absurdity that "Others have two of each. Others, one and two. Or two and one.”

An illustration shows two children holding hands with two characters dressed in skirts (below). Scholas Occurrentes explains that “diversity goes beyond the social group or culture to which we belong.” The obscure term "diversity" is never defined. While promoting a disproven gender propaganda, Scholas Occurrentes claim to create a "new vision" for the education of children.

CatholicNewsAgency.com (February 5) had access to financial records that show that Scholas Occurrentes received millions of dollars in donations but never built a single school for poor children. A significant amount of money was used for fees, salaries, travel, and offices.


Jorge BerCuckoo, Aka "Francis" wouldn't even know what time of the day it is!
Evil idiologies wants to change what is natural,good and from God