Bose: Last Minute Visit With Francis

On the eve of his departure to Iraq, Francis received on March 4 the Pontifical Delegate for the Modernist Bose Community, Father Amedeo Cencini, and the prior Luciano Manicardi.

The Vatican’s press communique confirmed Francis’ "closeness" and "support" to them, feelings he would never express for a Catholic group.

For months, the community has tried in vain to get rid of its founder, Enzo Bianchi. He refuses to leave although Francis ordered him twice to do so. Bianchi has been a leading anti-Catholic voice in Italy for decades. He continues to live in a house on the monastery grounds.

Bianchi has been a great supporter of Francis. His problem seems to be that, despite his retirement, he was unable to step back and let his successor govern.

Picture: Enzo Bianchi © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsDkwnxrjxuv