Cardinal McCarrick "Laicized" – McCarrickism Continues

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, has been removed today from the priesthood after a Church trial found him guilty of homosexual "sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults".

Mercy-Pope Francis - McCarrick's friend - rendered the verdict definitive, meaning that no appeal is possible.

Although McCarrick has been "laicized", his closest collaborators and friends - Cardinals Tobin, Farrell and Cupich - carry on his legacy with Francis' support.

The Vatican procedures against McCarrick leave a stale aftertaste: When McCarrick was strong and powerful, he was the star of the liberal establishment Church. Now, that he is old and weak his many friends turn like jackals against him.

De Profundis
McCarrick's limping Christ pectoral
Rainbow cinctures are going to happen now. Just watch. Readers may laugh, but just wait until His Holiness starts wearing one and publicly defends it with Genesis 9:13-16.
Time to get the rest of these idiots out of God's Church
There is no honor among thieves.
De Profundis
Viganò's question is still open - what did Pope Francis knew?
Don Reto Nay
@Jim Dorchak: They should have "punished" him, when he was doing mischief. At this point, these men of God should have left Cardinal McCarrick alone and the punishment to God. A man of honor does not touch an 88-year-old doter. But I have never pretended that our prelates are men of honor.
Dr Bobus
Agree. It would have some significance if McCarrick were 65 and still in power. As it is, his laicization is little else than a pathetic political gesture intended to distract from all of Francis' corrupt friends.

He is an old and withered tethered goat.. A lame sacrifice.
Don Reto Nay
@Dr Bobus: The public execution of Cardinal McCarrick bears the Vatican's fingerprints: Strong with the weak, and weak with the strong.
Jim Dorchak
He should really be behind bars. Not on vacation somewhere.
Jim Dorchak
I was reading a Church History book where they took an archbishop out and hung him for less. I guess the golf course is the same thing in today's terms.