Aborted Brains? Paglia’s Institute Again Defends Abortion

Father Pier Davide Guenzi, professor of (Im)moral theology at the John Paul II Family Institute in Rome, claims that the 1978 Italian abortion law had “good intentions,” but was ruined by a "bad applications."

Guenzi made his foolish statement in a February 7 livestream hosted by the journalist Arnaldo Casali, a former head of the Institute's Communications.

According to Guenzi, the existence of the iniquitous abortion should basically be ignored. Instead one should raise a [unspecific] "awareness on the theme of life" rather than on "the negative judgment of a law."

In front of, Casali uttered the absurdity that the murderous abortion law applies to abortion like self-defence to murder, "With self-defence one kills a person without being in favour of the legalisation of homicide.”

Casali confirmed that the lifestream was "prepared at length with some of the Institute's professors, starting with Professor Gilfredo Marengo", the vice dean.

The Insitute’s chancellor is Scandal Archbishop and Francis friend Vincenzo Paglia. On January 29, the Institute published on Internet the crazy claim that “defending the right to abort does not mean defending abortion.”


Pope Innocent lll
This from the "Family Institute."
So many of our Church offices have been usurped by these frauds, that we now have a legion of actors performing an absurd parody of our great Church.
These frauds do what they can, to make it appear that the one true Church of Christ is corrupt, untrue and absurd.
I do not doubt that when Nero fiddled over burning Rome the contemporary press said that his interest in clearing the congested districts of the metropolis did not prevent his finding time for his old interest in music.