Again: Francis’ Vatican Dispenses Justice over the Media

Many documents of the Vatican’s prosecutors, Gian Piero Milano and Alessandro Diddi, are illegally passed on to the media.

The controversial journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi published the last example (EditorialeDomani.it, October 10).

It identifies Giuseppe Maria Milanese as the big vilain. Fittipaldi calls him Francis’ “trusted friend” whom Francis received countless times. Milanese ist the president of Osa, a large Roman health care business.

Enjoying Francis’ trust, Milanese introduced his sometimes dubious friends into the Vatican, the prosecution claims, among them the broker Gianluigi Torzi (English) who proposed the London deal where over €100 million were lost.

Milanese also won a contract of €23.3 million at the Vatican Bambino Gesù hospital thanks to alleged connections. He is even accused of ties with the Apulian Camorra.

Milanese’s Osa issued in 2016 a €9.9 million share loan to which the Secretariat of State contributed €2.3 million. Further, Osa received €350.000 contributions from the Apsa account of the Secretariat of State.

Suddenly, at the end, Fittipaldi writes that the accusations against Milanese could be exaggerated.

Picture: © Mazur, CatholicNews.org.uk CC BY-NC-SA, #newsDnlvjrzarx

GJA Taylor
What a disaster sits on the Chair of Peter, Our Lady is allowing him to expose himself for what he really is - a hopeless old man. God help us.