Did Vatican Support the Recent Coup d’Etat in Italy?

An article published by Pezzo Grosso on Marco Tosatti’s blog, sustains that the Vatican is supporting Italian [left-wing] president Sergio Mattarella who, after having received instructions from foreign powers, on Sunday prevented the creation of a new Italian government by the two parties, Lega and Five Star Movement, who won a crushing majority in the March elections.

It is no mystery that the Vatican supports the pro-gay, pro-abortion and pro-divorce left-wing parties who work for the EU burokrates and the high finance.

According to Pezzo Grosso, “a high placed person residing in the Vatican, contacted President Mattarella inviting him to do what he did.”

Pezzo Grosso explains that the Vatican especially opposes the anti-immigration party Lega since “immigration aimed at religious syncretism is one of the first strategic objectives of this pontificate”.

Picture: Sergio Mattarella, #newsJbdxjawtpz
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Jorge seems to hate an Italian government which wants to look out for Italians, rather than treacherously collude with Moslem invaders. They already criticised the election outcome. This almost Bergoglian effort is too crude to work.