Two Homosexuals Are Bypassing Cardinal Ouellet

Marco Tosatti (September 28) has offered background information on Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, whom Archbishop Viganó asked in his September 27 statement to go public with information he has on the McCarrick case.

Tosatti writes that Pope Francis has de facto removed Oullet from his job by making Brazil born Father Ilson de Jesus Montanari, 59, an archbishop and Secretary of Ouellet’s Congregation.

Montanari is a bosom friend of Monsignor Fabián Pedacchio Leániz, 54, Francis’ personal secretary who works in the same Congregation.

Tosatti gives as an example an episcopal nomination in Canada where three names were discussed. Canada born Cardinal Oullet categorically excluded one of them for moral reasons. But next day Pedacchio told Ouellet, “The Pope wants him.”

In his September statement Viganó writes that Ouellet’s work at the Congregation is undermined “by two homosexual ‘friends’ of his dicastery” who bypass him sending recommendations for appointments directly to Francis.

Picture: Ilson de Jesus Montanari, Fabián Pedacchio, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsHumiwlsxzn
I tempi passati non hanno insegnato nulla, perché questa umanità è diventata arida: si è allontanata sempre più dalla retta via e ha perso sempre più il contatto, per mano di chi avrebbe dovuto rafforzare il rapporto con il Padre, ma ha preferito coltivare rapporti con il mondo per essere regina (Apocalisse 18: 7b) di un mondo perverso. Nuovagerusalemme.it
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Dr Bobus
Ouellet was also bypassed when Cupich was named to Chicago