Bonnie Louise
Bernardin's Boys
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Apple don't fall far from the tree
De Profundis
Coincidence. Just like Cardinal Farrell's connections to Marcial Maciel and Mccarick. It's not like these people all know each other and are hand picked from early in their formation for these positions of authority.
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Una lunga amicizia?
A sinistra: il vescovo conservatore Robert Barron (che ha scritto la prefazione al libro dell'attivista omosessuale James Martin)
A destra: Il cardinale di Washington Wilton Gregory, liberale e favorevole ai gay.
Don Cesare Toscano
Wilma Lopez
Don't forget the bodybuilders at Word on Fire.
De Profundis
Bp. Barron will answer for telling the world “we have a reasonable hope that all men will be saved” and all who end up in hell because they believed him.