Martyr Cardinal Prays For His Detractor

Cardinal George Pell prays part of the breviary for his media accusers and his detractor who brought him to trial.

“That’s what we’re supposed to do,” Pell told a friend a few weeks ago, writes (March 2).

Pell told his friend that he is sustained by “my faith" and “my innocence”.

Already months ago he called the trial “a small penance” and said that he was “beyond anger.” also writes that Pell used to be greeted in public by strangers and that, after having been in restaurants, he would notice that people had anonymously paid his bill.

Picture: George Pell, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsSgukmuojna
Another St. Thomas More in the making.
God specializes in making bad situations good... his church will re-emerge triumphant
God will always make things new...
One more comment from Lalanz
Cardinal Pell we love you!!!
And the detractor behind the obvious detractor? Pray for him as well that he converts to Catholicism. He as well needs to have a 'St. Paul' moment.