One year of Global Health Tyranny.

One year of Global Health Tyranny - Miles Christi - 03/11/2021
Today marks a year since the criminal organization OMS, led by the former Ethiopian terrorist and pro-Chinese Communist PC Tedros Adhanom and financed by the “universal vaccinator” Bill Gates, declared the false covid pandemic, in what constitutes the biggest hoax and the greatest crime in the history of humanity, confining the entire world population, depriving it of work, freedom of movement, medical care, social contact and access to religious worship, among many other measures as arbitrary as they are perverse.

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Un año de Tiranía Sanitaria Mundial

The number of deaths from these tyrannical and insane "health" measures - due to suspended medical treatments, suicides, depression, adverse side effects of the experimental "vaccine", etc. - is incalculable. And this is just the beginning of what is set to become the most serious genocide in history.

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Indeed, when people's immune systems are completely unhinged by the deleterious effects of the genetic "vaccine," it will be unable to protect us against the next lab-made viruses that "philanthropists" will release in due course to carry out their plan. to drastically reduce the world's population and implement absolute digital control - medical, administrative and financial - that will turn the survivors into slaves of the global health totalitarianism imposed by Bill Gates and his henchmen.

It seems important to me to present, by way of putting the facts into perspective, a brief chronology of this unprecedented situation in the annals of history, a true crime against humanity and a true world coup d'état, carried out by the eugenic-promoter globalist elite of abortion and euthanasia- who, with a foolproof cynicism, pretends to look after our well-being and hypocritically claims to ensure our health:

1. On 8/7/2019 the Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, an independent man, with a great personality, uncontrollable by the system and indefensible, passed away, who would never have allowed his invention to be used to make false positives serially, which constitutes the cornerstone of the gigantic pandemic hoax. Certainly a very timely death for the World Cup oligarchy, just four months after the official appearance of the virus in China.

2. On October 18, 2019, a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic was conducted in New York, called “Event201,” organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University.

3. Very strikingly, the same day the Military World Games began in… Wuhan, China! - held from October 18 to 27 - with the participation of ten thousand athletes from 110 countries.

4. On January 7, 2020, Chinese scientists isolated the virus and performed genome sequencing. Thus, this global "planddemic" crisis has made us enter fully into the "final stretch" that inexorably leads to the eschatological times announced by the Apostle Saint John. The period known as "Apocalypse" refers, biblically, to the historical phase that will precede the Parousia or glorious return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and its duration is seven years. The book of Daniel is clear about it: it speaks of a "week of years", known as the "seventieth week", of its famous prophecy of the "seventy weeks", in the ninth chapter of it.

5. This sequencing was submitted to WHO on January 12, allowing laboratories in different countries to produce specific diagnoses using PCR tests. Let's remember that just five months before Kary Mullis, the inventor of this test, had died, who would never have accepted that his invention was intended to "detect infected", since that was not its purpose, and much less that, based on the results like this obtained, it was decided to "confine the planet", devastating the economy, health and social life of the people.

6. On March 11, the WHO declared a state of “pandemic”. The vast majority of states, supposedly sovereign but actually subservient lackeys of the dissolving synarchic powers of nations, applied the draconian measures advocated by Bill Gates and the WHO. In Argentina, the unpresentable Fernández binomial did it on March 20.

7. Three weeks later, on April 2, Bill Gates declared, in an interview given to the Financial Times: "Normality will only return when we have vaccinated the entire world population", in an act of omnipotent megalomania, a genuine psychopathic threat directed at the entire world, an unspeakable exercise in emotional blackmail of unprecedented and unprecedented violence.

8. Four months after the start of the "pandemic", on July 9, Klaus Schwab, founder and president of the World Economic Forum, published a book called The Great Reset - the great reset -, in which he states that there will be no " never "a return to normality, that the" coronavirus crisis "has" biblical "dimensions and that the changes that will come will be so" radical "that we could be at the beginning of a new" era ": there would be a BC (" Before Coronavirus ”, as opposed to“ Before Christ ”-before Christ-) and an AC (“ After Coronavirus ”, as opposed to“ After Christ ”-after Christ-).

The author continues explaining to us that the changes will happen in a dizzying and unpredictable way and that from them will result "a new normal, radically different from the one that we will progressively leave behind. All of this is in the introduction, on page eight of the digitized version.

Between the realization of Event201 and the publication of the book The Great Reset, nine months elapsed: we can say that, since then, the cards had been drawn: the "gestation" of the New World Order had concluded, the "new normal" had been illuminated, the Great Reboot was underway and the "new era" of humanity - the one that inevitably leads to the universal government of the Antichrist - had begun ...

To finish, I consider it appropriate to quote a passage from an article from last year, referring to the nature and meaning of this historical stage in which we find ourselves:

It seems to me essential to bear in mind that it is not possible to get a full idea of the current situation without taking a theological look at the events that are unfolding before us, particularly since the beginning of this so-called “global health crisis”. And an eschatological look, to be more precise ...

The book of Revelation, in its thirteenth chapter, describes the panorama that this unified world politically and religiously will offer, under the command of the Antichrist and the False Prophet, both at the service of the Dragon, with the "dwellers of the earth" massively succumbing to the Universal deception ridden by this diabolical trinity. And whoever does not allow himself to be carried away by its seductive power, and refuses to receive "the mark of the beast" on the right hand or on the forehead, will not be able to "buy or sell", will become a social outcast and will suffer ruthless persecution.

The Antichrist has not yet manifested himself publicly, and the "saving vaccine" decreed by the "philanthropist" Bill Gates for all humanity - which no one should allow himself to be applied, as it is designed to cause harm - is not the "mark of the beast ”. However, everything that has been happening for six months points unequivocally in that direction, it is a training, a dress rehearsal, which pursues the ultimate objective of establishing that New World Order at the head of which will be the Man of Sin.

Thus, this global "planddemic" crisis has made us enter fully into the "final stretch" that inexorably leads to the eschatological times announced by the Apostle Saint John. The period known as "Apocalypse" refers, biblically, to the historical phase that will precede the Parousia or glorious return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and its duration is seven years. The book of Daniel is clear about it: it speaks of a “week of years”, known as the “seventieth week”, of its famous prophecy of the “seventy weeks”, in the ninth chapter of it.

This week of years has yet to start and obviously I don't know when it will. Its beginning will be given by the coming of the prophet Elijah to evangelize the Jewish people, whose mission will occupy the first half of the week. The second half will correspond to the universal reign of the Antichrist. This week of years - that is to say, the Apocalypse -, as is well known, will be a very difficult time to bear, to use a euphemism. Our Lord expressed it clearly:
"Then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, nor will there be" (Mt. 24:21).

In order not to succumb to discouragement, we will have to arm ourselves with patience and entrust ourselves to God's protection, with total faith and hope in his mercy. Jesus Christ taught us that, when these times arrive, despite how difficult they will be, far from being swept away by discouragement, our hope must redouble, as this means that his glorious return is very near, and with it, our liberation:

"When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near" (Lk. 21:28).

Therefore, let us watch and pray, so that, in these dark times, we may persevere in faith, hope and charity, waiting for the divine promise to be fulfilled:

"The wise men will shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who have taught justice to many, will shine like the stars, forever and ever." (Dn. 12, 3).

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