Pro-homosexual Cardinal Rodríguez Denies Existence of Vatican Gay Lobby

Tegucigalpa Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, a close partisan of Pope Francis, has denied the existence of a gay lobby in the Vatican.

Talking to PeriodistaDigital.com (September 12), Rodríguez called the Vatican gay lobby “something that exists much more in the ink of newspapers than in reality”.

Rodríguez' own seminary in Tegucigalpa has massive gay problems. His auxiliary bishop Juan Pineda, 57, resigned in July after he was accused of gay fornication.

In the same interview Rodríguez attacked whistle-blower Archbishop Viganò claiming that Viganó's revelations - and not the crimes he uncovered - “hurt the faith of many people”.

Rodríguez himself is accused of financial misconduct and abuse of power.

Picture: Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, © Christoph Müller-Girod, CC BY, #newsNudkfjckmt
These men are all pathological liars. They are sociopaths, and frightening is the fact that we have a Church FULL OF THEM.
So he thinks that the 'Vatican gay lobby' is "something that exists much more in the ink of newspapers than in reality". I don't think I've seen much - if any - ink spilled reporting on a gay lobby. Quite the opposite. Far much more 'ink' spilled trying to turn the whole thing into a paedophilia problem or attacking Vigano.
Maybe the head of a Honduran sodo-seminary who pays himself a gigantic salary cannot see the gay lobby. He might have a phobia for mirrors.
The only way the church will be cleaned is if God intervenes. In His time, He will and it won't be pretty
angry bob
The only way the Church will be cleaned is if men like this are removed.
This man loves to lie.