Paragraphs 103 and 111: Forget About the Rest of the Synod's Document

The Vatican distributed the Pachamama Synod's final document at the October 26 Press Conference.

The only paragraphs of importance are 103 and 111. They received the lowest approval rate.

• 103 is about "deaconesses." It stops short of asking for them, but states that consultations in the Amazon and at the Synod had shown that a "permanent diaconate" for women was desired. The paragraph asks to share this with the Commission on "deaconesses," established by Pope Francis in 2016.

111 is on creating married priests. The paragraph is verbose in order to create smoke. It feigns that celibacy is “a gift of God” in order to ask for its abolition.

This is done with the trick-word "legitimate diversity" which "does not harm the communion and unity of the Church” but is never accepted as an argument for promoting Catholic things.

Paragraph 111 asks for establishing "criteria and provisions" to ordain to the priesthood, "suitable and recognised men of the community, who have had a fruitful permanent diaconate to celebrate the Sacraments in the most remote areas of the Amazon region." Usually, the term "preside" is preferred to "celebrate".

It admits that some delegates would have wished "a universal approach to the issue."

Celibacy goes back to Christ who calls his apostles away from their families. But the document mentions Christ only 19x in a decorative manner, while ecology/ecological appears 44x and the buzzword "new" even 69x.


Kanye mentioned Jesus more times in his new album than the bishops did in the entire Amazon Synod
2/3 of the synod fathers just booked their trip to hell.
Forgive us Lord.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
The line has been drawn in the sand. On one side is the Catholic Church. On the other side is the Pachamama Church. Everyone, including priests and bishops, will now have to choose.