Belgian Red Cross Removes Crosses

The locations of the Belgian Red Cross have received orders to remove all crosses from the walls. The instruction came from the Provincial Committee in Liège, Belgium.

Breitbart (December 4) reports that the Belgian Red Cross is “looking to become more secular.”

Picture: © | M@ |, Flickr CC BY-NC-ND, #newsEoujvzplub
They should first remove both the image and the word of CROSS from the logo and name... 🤐
secularists anti Christ , they want to remove anything in sight that reminds them of the Lord ,because He is the LIGHT in the dark ,and a lot of people like the dark ,because they believe can do whatever they want ,But Jesus has won the war He is Victorious
Catholics all over the world have one more incentive to give to Sharelife instead
"Crosses" - "crucifixes" : of course we know there's a difference.
My 10-year-old thinks after removing all of the red crosses they will eventually change their name to Black Spot. 😀