American Bishop: German Bishops Fail To Shepherd Souls, Thus Lose Authority

The German bishops undermine their authority by embracing “newly assessing” divinely revealed truth, Tyler Bishop Joseph Strickland, Texas, wrote on Twitter (December 15).

As a consequence, many have “newly assessed” that Catholic Bishops have no authority over their lives, “If bishops don’t shepherd souls to God they are irrelevant,” Strickland analyses.

Strickland commented on the news that the German bishops and their Synodal Way try to change the Catholic teaching on sexual morality especially homosexual fornication.


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Good for you Bishop Strickland. But where are the other nine...? Good Catholics are scandalized by such fundamental false teaching and weak Catholics are being led astray and NEED MORAL LEADERSHIP from their bishops and pastors. Ezekiel 3:17
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Where is the excommunicating?
The Synodal Way is in Germany the biggest news story since the Protestant reformation
Arthur McGowan
Bergoglio pretends to disapprove of what the German bishops are doing, and does nothing. This is precisely how Bergoglio intends to shatter the Catholic Church into a hundred or more national churches. Strickland, and bishops like him, pretend not to know what Bergoglio is doing.
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