Curia Cardinal Tries to Produce Scandals

In his recent L’Osservatore interview, Cardinal João Brao de Aviz attempted to play up “growing abuses among nuns.”

As there are virtually no young nuns left in the Western countries, this is an obvious attempt to introduce the abuse hysteria to Africa where the vocations are many.

According to Aviz’ opinion, sisters are “often abused, humiliated and stressed” or subjected to “exaggerated working hours,” although life in the monasteries is known for being relaxed.

Exaggerating normal human and predictable conflicts, Aviz also evoked alleged “violence” and “abuse” not only of "priests against the sisters", but also among the sisters themselves, "between the formator and the person in formation.”

"In one congregation, nine cases have been reported," [however “reported” is not the same as “confirmed”].

One wonders why Aviz is so obviously attemping to produce scandals while his task would be to avoid them.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsKnlryznosj

Why does the Curia need to produce scandals? Haven't the post Vatican II paedophile priests produced enough already?
This is the same anti-catholic cardinal who wildly alleges that many nuns are resorting to prostitution.
Francis Creates House for Ex-Sisters Who Ended Up “Prostitutes”
[One has to wonder does he think that way because of his encounters in the streets of Rome].
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Great question posed at the end here!