New Porto Bishop, Adulterers Should Not Live In Sexual Abstinence

Manuel Linda, the new bishop of Porto, Portugal, an enemy of the Old Latin Mass, is a friend and promoter of mortal sin.

Talking to Observador (March 17), Linda bashed divorced and remarried Catholics who, in order to avoid mortal sin, live in sexual abstinence. For Linda such people are "not a real family.”

On the contrary, Linda does "not insist much" that divorced Catholics in a second liaison live in sexual abstinence.

For Linda, living in abstinence is only “a living arrangement” but "not a family".

Linda is free to have such an opinion but he should not present himself as a "Catholic bishop".

Picture: Manuel Linda, © Santuário de Fátima, CC BY-SA, #newsDxwcogzjrn
Iam even sorry that he is portuguese ,bishops like this deceive people into hell ( OH iam sorry he probably does not believe in hell like pope Francis )
A good disciple of his father, Francis. Both are wolves in sheep clothing.