Bishop Worries About Old Latin Mass - But Not About Contradicting the Gospel

Newly appointed Bishop Manuel da Silva Rodrigues Linda, 61, of Porto, Portugal, confessed to the Jornal de Noticias (March 25) that he sees the Old Latin Mass „with much concern“ because it “captivates in certain cases young people and even intellectuals”.

The ultraliberal bishop cannot understand “why these people find satisfaction in these rites”.

In the same interview Linda spoke in favour of married priests and Holy Communion for adulterers which contradicts the Gospel.

Until now, Linda has been the military bishop of Portugal.

Picture: Manuel Linda, #newsAxnlulufov
He belongs to the Novus Ordo religion. It is not Catholic.
Hugh N. Cry
Priests and bishops like him are some of the meanest and spiteful.
Traditional Latin Mass is too Catholic for him. He's more interested in perverting the church.
He knows that many youth are attracted to the traditional mass because of its innate beauty. He is afraid these young people will become real Catholics instead of the cheap imitation ones produced by the Novus Ordo.
Valiant Woman
What kind of cretin would "worry" about the Latin Mass?
In Portugal they speak portuguese not spanish
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss Linda in Spanish is the female word for beautiful.
Jim Dorchak
What an anti - catholic and an Anti-Catholic.
I can not understand why the Bishop finds satisfaction in being a catholic bishop? Obviously he does not support his own holy orders!
If the traditional Mass bugs him....I wonder what he thinks of the Crucifixion.