French Interior Minister: “Notre Dame Is Not A Cathedral”

French Interior minister Christophe Castaner, a socialist and free mason, said in a Twitter video (April 16, below) after the fire in the Paris Cathedral, “Notre Dame is not a cathedral.”

He added: "It is our common good. It is where we gather. It is our strength. It is our history.” French Freemasonry is rabidly anticlerical.

Several anticlerical politicians and architects announced their plans to "rebuild" the cathedral with secularist elements in an attempt to deprive it of its Catholic identity.

On March 19, Castaner admitted during a debate of the French Parliament that there had been 1063 "anti-christian events" in 2018 alone, but went on relativizing and belittling this.

Picture: © GodefroyParis, CC BY-SA, #newsLrqqwnvqni

I know it doesn't LOOK like it's a Cathedral anymore, especially since that (cough) "accident" came that should have destroyed it - but somehow "miraculously"didn't. Everyone said it was a miracle that all the Catholic artwork" in it has been saved. Be honest, the (cough) "accidental fire" should have destroyed it totally, but God clearly hadn't given His permission that it would be so

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I know it doesn't LOOK like it's a Cathedral anymore, especially since that (cough) "accident" came that should have destroyed it - but somehow "miraculously"didn't. Everyone said it was a miracle that all the Catholic artwork" in it has been saved. Be honest, the (cough) "accidental fire" should have destroyed it totally, but God clearly hadn't given His permission that it would be so

Go and have another look, Mister. Look at the interior! Aren't those "Miraculously preserved" Stained Glass windows demonstrating anything to you? Or are you clueless as to the origins of Christ & the awesome POWER of Him you seek to steal from? Christian Temples serve Christ.

Even if you decide that you don't personally want it to be called "God's House" now the people of Christ are being told to keep away, and the Protestant Atheists are swarming like flies to redesign what's remaining into a far less Credibly CATHOLIC image. Take a step back Sir. Look once more at it's incredible state of preservation. Someone up there, who is TRULY GREAT - placed His stamp of approval on His House. He preserves it for His own Glory. Clearly likes it very much indeed - so take your grubby paws off of it!

Admittedly, they've removed most of what is identifiable with Christ.. so no doubt you view that as useful for your cause, - I see the rest of those exterior statues are being removed now, along with all the others that just as an incredible coincidence, were swooped to safety, only a few days PRIOR to the fire.

All survived. The Organ stayed pleasantly cool at a temperature of 17 degrees, (according to it's thermometer) whilst the poor, brave Christian firemen were unable to enter the Shrine. Suffering heat so intense that only a robot was able to put the interior fire out.

This article says you are a Freemason. Didn't King Louis XVI have a relative (Philip de l'egalite) who was one of those, he damned himself by providing a deciding vote to have his own COUSIN removed, dethroned & decapitated at a sham masonic Trial? Didn't do the cousin much good to support the Protestant infiltrated Catholic Masonic Lodges - the friends he aided & abetted to kill a Catholic King, turned on HIM next & he died the same death as his cousin, the King. All for a Protestant's hatred of a Catholic Culture.…

They've just driven away all the rest of Christ's Treasures to the Louvre, where the just & unjust have their artwork preserved together. It isn't God's House, but God's STUFF is in it. What you're hoping to happen I suppose is for The Cathedral, which truly IS Christ's house, to have stuff that is NOT inspired by HIM trespass itself upon it by the will of damned souls??? Haven't you READ the prophecies of the destruction of Godless Masonic ridden France & the Triumph of God's Holy Roman Catholic Church & the return of the King?" The Child Jesus told the La Salette Visionary, Melanie Calvert that the "Imposter" Karl Wilhelm Naundorf wasn't an imposter at all! ("Naundorf" claimed to have been rescued from the Temple Prison by the Motherly instincts of Empress Josephine)

The Dutch believed Naundorf - he provided evidence to support his claim, they buried him with full honours with the title of King Louis XVII. (see below image) According to The Comte de Chambord Maximin Giraud told him that. God had preserved the Dauphin

The Cathedral of Christ is empty. Perhaps it's Treasury is being looted again, All His own priceless possessions - incredibly valuable antique CATHOLIC Statues & some of the most beautiful Artwork that Christ has sent into the world to do Him Justice, are now being sent to share storage place with a lot of godless tripe! Who? (after we've read the comments you've made above) is ever likely to believe now that they are to be returned? When the line is that they have been removed "to dry them out"? I'd just like to close by saying, even WITHOUT all that Artwork, Sculpture, the Real Presence of Christ etc.... in it - The Cathedral remains Christ's, and along with many others similarly "accidently set fire to", I think Christ will be enacting revenge on those who seek to remould HIS Dwelling Places into their own anti-Catholic cultural godless luciferian ideal - After all who but Satan seeks to replace Christ's Government with a masonic alternative?

By the way - you're on video calling it "A Cathedral" only a week ago.
Don't get the wrong idea - just because the artwork's gone.....

PS A lodge won't admit it but Our Lord surrenders His Divine Authority to no-one. In fact He's clearer to understand when you view the photograph below. One Sacramental blessing from Fr Fournier over the burning Church & Our Lord bids Satan depart from HIS CATHEDRAL & roaring with rage, Satan, the god of the Lodge is forced to obey!.
The comment about Naundorf was made to Abbe Combe - it can be found in this book. Pg 176 You can buy it cheaper on the internet elsewhere.…

(It really DOES look like Christ casting out Satan - even I have to admit it! Incredible!)
Naundorff's Tomb. "Ici repose Louis XVII " "Roi de France"
I wonder if he'd say a mosque is not a mosque? Probably not, a Muslim would stab him in the street if he did.
If its not a cathedral and if its not going to be Catholic remove the name and all the relics from there aswell ,and take them to a Catholic Cathedral
This may very well be a sign that Jesus and Mary have turned their backs on France... and a gigantic sign that the world is going to be chastised!!!
Notre Dame was built to enshrine the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and it was used as such up until the eve of the fire! It was not built for tourists!
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OH MY! Unbelievable!
What do you expect under the rule of Francis? Clericalism of Notre Dame?