Exorcist Fantasises: Coronavirus “Comes from Satan, Produced in Laboratory”

For the exorcist, Franciscan Father Quirino Salomone, rector of the San Bernard Basilica in L’Aquila, Italy, the coronavirus was produced in a Chinese …
When you follow the link, and read about the Kalergi plan, it certainly makes sense. I think it was clear before all the censoring of information that this is a bio weapon.
Our Lady of Good Success Pray for us!
There is no limit to the lunacy of men when they think themselves superior both to laughter and humility.
There's no pandemic, but panhype. People are freaking out over the flu because the jewish press told them too. What is the real reason for all the hype over the flu. Flu that kills thousands of people every year. Six Reasons Why Covid-19 Fails The Sniff Test
Wichita Knight
There is a readily available vaccine for flu. There is no vaccine for COVID, and we are still in the early stages.
@Wichita Knight For which strain of the flu? It mutates every year. There are many flu strains that don't have vaccines. That why people sometimes get sick even if they took a flu vaccine.
Vaccines loaded with poison and viruses -- shoot it right up!
have a look on www.kla.tv/15760&autoplay=true (in German!)
Novella Nurney
It could happen. I've seen stranger proven truths in the past few years.