old school
Poor servants of Deceiver don't be fools
Thanks for the source. Halfway there.
I. D. please. Who, where, when. Thx
Who paid for that ,They are laughing ,i guess it was not them .
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What we Irish call a serious lack of 'cop on'. Perhaps it was their willingness to disregard Tradition in favour of novelty that got them where they are. If they do not wake up and repent they will end up where they would rather not be.
How very appropriate that they have a clown on their stole.
Does this mean they support the clown mass? They must be German Bishops, (no offence to the traditional minded and orthodox German Catholics).
Something you'll never see at a synagogue or a mosque or an ashram. Fancy that.
Novella Nurney
Absurd,faithless,bureaucrats! Constantly closing churches, raising the parish tax , participating in blasphemous, irreverent masses and some how against all common decency and sense; they vote to redesign the stoles . Thousands of dollars spent on a mockery of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and Our Blessed , Ever Virgin Mother Mary, every Saint, every Martyr. God have Mercy.