Paradise? Homosex Video Shot In Catholic Church

The homosex dance group Atelié 23 published an October 9 music video called "Glowria" showing explicit dancing in St Sebastian Church, Manaus, Brazil.

The producers thanked Capuchin Father Paulo Xavier for the permission to shoot in his church. In the video, homosexuals make signs of the Cross, mimic prayers, and dress reminiscent of religious garments.

In the video, a singer calls himself a "homosexual in flesh and bone," invites an imaginative homosex partner “to come on top of me and I will show you...” Then, the singer enters in ecstasy, and appears with his colleagues in “paradise.” calls this "an exaltation of the act of sodomy" presented as a religious action that can bring one to "Heaven.“


Not entirely surprising. Brazil has a rampantly hedonistic culture and homosexuality is commonplace. The country also has the largest number of transsexuals in all of Latin America..
The dog who allowed this will regret the day he was born at his judgement
We can certainly hope, @mccallansteve.
Essentially these sort of things look like gay Conciliar priests giving use of a church, as though it was personal property, for their homo friends to act out via some sick theatrical act. Unfortunately it's likely all concerns know each other well, so to speak. May God lead them to repentance.
"I throw myself at the foot of the Tabernacle like a dog at the foot of his Master." St. John Vianney