Bishop Stika's Hour of Truth: Vatican II Priests Destroyed Churches, Burned Books, Dumbed Down Liturgy

Confused Knoxville

Bishop Richard Stika asked homosex James Martin SJ on Twitter (January 28), "What did the priests of the so called Vatican II era do?”

Stika's answered his own question, “They destroyed churches, burned books, dumbed down liturgical celebrations and ugly vestments, and lost the sense of the sacred.”

He observes that Martin “slams so called ‘younger priests’” who prefer the Latin Mass and comments that Martin has "apparently spent very little time with diocesan seminarians or younger priests.”

In his most recent Twitter posts Stika criticised Biden "a ’Catholic’ who as a President is moving quickly to put even more babies at risk of being killed" because Biden wants to expand abortion on demand and to export it to other nations.

Stika is a weird person. On other occasions, he pushed

for Old Rite Communion in the hand, he claimed that “Mass is not worshipping Jesus,” and has a history of challenging celibacy, but then he rebuked Munich Cardinal Marx for doing so.

In December 2019, he posted a Christmas card showing himself and his friend Cardinal Rigali casually dressed and surrounded by three dogs.
Yes Our Lady requested the third secret (not just the vision)be released a.On Sister Lucia’s death or b. Latest 1960. After 1960 the Shadow Church took control and we entered the cult of man. Example the Tabernacle was separated from the Altar of Sacrifice the centre and man’s chair replaced it, altar rails for adoration were removed and we stood as if equal to God and the Protestants rejoiced.
Dr Bobus
It is true about the book burning. I knew a priest in a religious order who after Vat II stood before a fireplace and tossed more than one Liber Usualis into the fire.

In cases like his the doctrine of the sufferings of Purgatory can be a great consolation.