Family Christmas Card: Casually Dressed Cardinal, Bishop With Their Three Dogs

Knoxville Bishop Richard Stika, 62, USA, published on Twitter (December 20 and December 23) a Christmas card showing himself with Cardinal Justin Rigali, 84, and three dogs.

The cardinal and the bishop are casually dressed. The card’s text says, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cardinal Rigali, Bishop Stika, Stella, Rosie and Molly.”

Stika is notorious for posting strange, contradicting and false Twitter statements. For decades, he has been Rigali's protégé and close friend.

He served as a vicar general and chancellor of the Saint Louis Archdiocese when Cardinal Rigali was the archbishop there.

After Rigali's retirement in 2011, Stika invited him to live in Knoxville diocese.

Already in 2016, Stika and Rigali published a Christmas card with Rosie (picture below).


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