Vatican II Barbarians: Relics Buried In Coffee Jars

Demolition workers at Christchurch’s Catholic Cathedral, New Zealand, discovered relics and bones of saints stored in two Greggs coffee jars and a Schweppes soda bottle, Stuff.co.nz reports (April 16).

Cerebos Gregg's is a New Zealand food company, founded in 1861, known for its coffee, desserts, and condiments.

The relics were obtained by English born Bishop John Joseph Grimes (+1915), Christchurch’s first bishop, during his travels in Europe when he raised money to build his cathedral.

Until the introduction of the Novus Ordo, relics were necessary for the liturgy, and venerated and displayed in the cathedral. Following the secularisation of the liturgy wanted by Vatican II, relics were considered "outdated."

In April 1975, the relicts were buried in the floor of a chapel, and covered with an inch of concrete. Other items recovered by the workers include altar stones, a decapitated nativity scene, and a charity collection box with out-of-circulation coins.


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The liturgical revolution of the IIVC was the abomination in the holy place.
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