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The right time - Miles Christi - 09/29/2020

The right time - Miles Christi - 09/29/2020

This is the propitious time to see and to understand, before the web of universal deception we are witnessing has fully unfolded...

The first group of links that I transmit at the end of this note is to study the event that shook the world almost 20 years ago, largely conditioning all geopolitical events on a planetary scale since then. Exactly the same way that what happened this year with the Covid-19 “plandemic” will do so from now on. Knowing history helps us better understand the present.

The second group of links is to better understand the sinister character who is in charge of global health - that is, of each one of us and our children - through the WHO and GAVI ( / GAVI). Knowing the history of Bill Gates and his goals will help us better understand the origin and purpose of this artificial "pandemic", conceived and launched from the top of world power, and executed in unison by the chain of middle managers that respond to the The global elite that pays them, whose goal is to reduce the world population, achieve the unification of the planet and obtain absolute control of the population through health terror and the imposition of the mandatory digital vaccination card.

And this, pending the implementation, in the short or medium term, of the microchip that will unify all the confidential information of each one -sanitary, financial, professional and administrative-, and that will specify the absolute totalitarian control of the State over each human being . Without this microchip, you will not be able to renew your DNI or passport, nor therefore travel -because it will be universally required- or “buy or sell” -because all transactions will be carried out digitally- and it will be, most likely, unless there are going to be “provisional trials” before the definitive one-, the “mark of the beast”, about which the apostle Saint John warns us in the Apocalypse in these terms:

“And he made everyone, small and large, rich and poor, free and slave, have a mark placed on their right hand, or on their forehead; and that no one could buy or sell, except he who had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name ”(Ap. 13: 16-17).

This time of relative calm is given to us to observe, inquire, study, investigate and reflect - actively and diligently - about the unprecedented events in the annals of humanity that have been unfolding on a world scale since the beginning of the year. That is, it is now when we have to gain understanding and intelligence about what we are experiencing, taking an indispensable prudential distance from the official narrative with which we are constantly bombarded, and trying to distinguish the truth from the lie, discriminating the mental and emotional manipulation that is exerted on us from the innumerable indications that reveal it.

If we are not able to put the official account in perspective, seeking to form our own opinion with a critical spirit and really paying attention to the countless voices that have been launching alerts of all kinds for months about the multiple inconsistencies and contradictions on which said discourse is based, There will come a time when we will have lost all capacity for independent analysis and we will be no more than automatons, unable to discern the true from the false, the reality from the fiction, sad passive resonance boxes of the monolithic, spurious and ideological story, crushed 24 / 7 by all means of mass disinformation.

From there to the state of servile submission, consented but inadvertent, with respect to the world totalitarian power that is being developed, there is only one step: the one that leads from inner freedom to the most absolute mental and emotional slavery. When the global system is definitively consolidated, it will be very difficult to escape the deception, since external pressure - media, social, administrative and economic - will increasingly distort the perception of reality. This is the propitious time to see and to understand, before the web of universal deception we are witnessing has fully unfolded ...

Links 1:…Israel_did_it/Dancing_Israelis…9jdAVNA0fMcxPCC-5n5SUbKeZadXk4

El 11-S explicado en 5 minutos

9-11 Explained in 5 Minutes

Links 2:…xa7kD9dZ_6_GzGjZGlKKElb6ceOq0p

Bill Gates controla nuestra salud y ahora va a por nuestra alimentación

If Bill Gates Was President

Post Scriptum: I add the end of a previous post (Six months of Global Health Tyranny), because the subject seems to me of capital importance and fits perfectly with the tenor of this note:

At this point, it seems essential to keep in mind that it is not possible to get a complete idea of the current situation without taking a theological look at the events that are unfolding before us, in particular since the beginning of this supposed "global pandemic crisis" . And an eschatological look, to be more precise ...

The book of Revelation, in its thirteenth chapter, describes the panorama that this politically and religiously unified world will offer, under the command of the Antichrist and the False Prophet, both in the service of the Dragon, with the "inhabitants of the earth" massively succumbing to the Universal deception ridden by this diabolical trinity. And whoever does not allow himself to be carried away by its seductive power, and refuses to receive "the mark of the beast" on the right hand or on the forehead, will not be able to "buy or sell," will become a social outcast and will suffer ruthless persecution.

The Antichrist has not yet manifested himself publicly, and the "saving vaccine" decreed by the "philanthropist" Bill Gates for all humanity - which no one should allow itself to be applied, as it is designed to cause harm - is not the "mark of the beast ”. However, everything that has been happening for six months points unequivocally in that direction, it is a training, a dress rehearsal, which pursues the ultimate objective of establishing that New World Order at the head of which will be the Man of Sin.

Thus, this global “planddemic” crisis has made us enter fully into the “final stretch” that inexorably leads to the eschatological times announced by the Apostle Saint John. The period known as "Apocalypse" refers, biblically, to the historical phase that will precede the Parousia or glorious return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and its duration is seven years. The book of Daniel is clear in this regard: it speaks of a "week of years", known as the "seventieth week", of its famous prophecy of the "seventy weeks", in its ninth chapter.

This week of years has yet to start and obviously I don't know when it will. Its beginning will be given by the coming of the prophet Elijah to evangelize the Jewish people, whose mission will occupy the first half of the week. The second half will correspond to the universal reign of the Antichrist. This week of years - that is, the Apocalypse - as is well known, will be a very difficult time to bear, to use a euphemism. Our Lord expressed it clearly:

"Then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, nor will there be" (Mt. 24:21).

In order not to succumb to discouragement, we will have to arm ourselves with patience and entrust ourselves to God's protection, with total faith and hope in his mercy. Jesus Christ taught us that, when these times come, despite how difficult they will be, far from being swept away by discouragement, our hope must redouble, as this means that his glorious return is very near, and with it, our liberation:

"When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near" (Lk. 21:28).

Therefore, let us watch and pray, that, in these dark times, we may persevere in faith, hope and charity, waiting for the divine promise to be fulfilled:

"The wise men will shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who have taught justice to many, will shine like the stars, forever and ever." (Dan. 12, 3).


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