Faulty Missal: Francis Slaps Benedict XVI in His Face

The Vatican approved a new edition of the Italian missal which is full of mistakes.

Contradicting the Gospel and the original Latin text, it says that the chalice is "poured out for you and for all" instead of the correct version "for many."

This is a slap in the face of Benedict XVI who ordered in 2006 that this mistake needs to be changed. However, Benedict was all words and no action. Therefore, the anti-Catholic bishops simply ignored him.

Francis saw the new missal on Friday and approved it. According to his wish, it also includes a false rendering of the Gloria and the Our Father, thus turning the New Liturgy into a Fake Liturgy.


"Antipope Bergolio couldn't care less about mistakes." @JMY45 Neither do you. That's why you keep repeating a claim of "antipope" and "partial resignation" when Benedict himself has repeatedly contradicted you.

No, Jimmy. You don't care about mistakes at all, That's why you repeat them on a daily basis.

"He thinks Catholicism is a mistake."

Pic related.
He's made some interesting points. *yawn* Novus Ordo problems. ;-)
la verdad prevalece
Lex orandi, lex credendi Refers to the inseparable relationship between worship and faith. If the liturgy is adulterated, the faith is adulterated.
The axiom means, “the law of praying is the law of believing.”
Pray like a Protestant believe like a Protestant. Pray like a Hindu believe like a Hindu.
They play these games, and still expect us to treat them as shepherds of the Church. We may not have the authority to declare them false shepherds, but I don't think we should believe anything they say anymore or contribute any money beyond our local parish (hopefully TLM where available).
I've been saying as much for ages now. Recognizing the title "Official Shepherd" and following a shepherd blindly are not the same.
That error predates the 'New Mass' in English where it first appeared in 'transitional' translations of the Missal of St Pius V.
F M Shyanguya
@Prayhard Interesting.
Citation, please? Not contesting the claim, just requesting more info.