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Big Money Offered to Francis If He Engages in Vegan Fasting

An over-weight Pope Francis was offered “one million dollars to charity” by Million Dollar Vegan if he tries vegan during Lent. Veganism is the quasi-religious practice of abstaining from the use of …
How many trees would have to be leveled to provide farm land so that humans could eat only vegetation, Mr. McCartney? And what about the poor life of the plants? Maybe we should go further and only eat that which has fallen off the vine. LoL.
Morgan replied to say: “Because I’m a Catholic and they’re taunting my pope! As a Catholic, I’m defending the holy father against this ridiculous taunting from radical vegans. They have no limits, these People. (Source:…)
Sadly, it is Francis himself who invites such "taunting."
Well, when BerGOGlio really can not care less about the state of the Liturgy, or the statutes of Our Lord, OR the Traditions of Holy Mother Church - he must have a lot of time on his hands He can't be bothered about Our Lord's rules and regulations, clearly doesn't see eye to eye with His Gospel, and refuses to accept His Morality Code

Neither, of course will he obey all the previous Legislation… More
I think Pope Francis should tell the vegans to keep their money and accept the challenge if they agree to say a rosary a day throughout Lent.
Peter ate fish and even pork
Hope he takes it and ruins his heretic health. We need Catholic leaders to sit on the chair of Peter
St Francis of Salerno was vegan. This unholy unSt Francis is unlikely to want to attempt any ascetic practice, but maybe some unbelievers could get him to do it