Francis Not Joking, "I Am The Pope"

Francis called Father Michele Madonna, 48, of Naples Archdiocese, known as the “rave priest.” Madonna's father owned a nightclub, and his son worked …
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Francis phones 'Eucharistic Rave Priest'
Yes and a very bad one!
Zapp Rowsdower
“Hello, this is not a joke, I am the Pope.” wonder who he is trying to convince, himself? or us?
This reminded me of the old Jerry Springer show where he had "Strippers for Jesus" Lord, have mercy!!
I was told by a good priest yesterday at the sermon "not to murmur against The Pope". Go Along To Get Along! Sorry, he is a Heresiarch and as Fr. Paul KRAMER says FRANCIS THE DESTROYER....soon to be removed!
Jean Mesa
Raving people doesn't care about God already. I hardly think that that project will be success...
Protestant Pastor mentality- quantity not quality. Natural not Supernatural.
Poor, deceived young people. The girls are dressed like there is a contest for who can be the most immodest. They think they can serve both Christ and mammon. Shame on the priest
GJA Taylor
Stop suggesting that this holy Francis is anything less than humble and holy, that is just rigid and not nice. He clearly is so holy and humble just give him the respect due and listen to his holy honey tongued gentle humble addresses. That is holiness.
atreverse pensar
The girls are not well dressed.