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Pro-Abortion Mantra: Archbishop Martin Calls For "Safe, Rare and Legal" Abortion

The abortion law in Ireland should allow abortion “which is rare, which is safe, and which is legal”, said Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh, the Primate of Ireland, talking to the Irish RTE News (May 27). (May 30) confronted Martin's press office with this unfortunate quotation. Press speaker Martin Long replied that the words “were taken out of the context”.

But asked back in what context the “safe, legal, and rare” mantra could make sense.

Only then, the press speaker admitted that Martin “should not have used the quotation” which originally was uttered by the [abominable] Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Picture: Eamon Martin, RTE News, #newsUaeybvcdik mentioned this post in Irish Priest Removed For Preaching Against Abortion.
Libor Halik
It is an abomination of desolation. The sign of future was Longford Irish Cathedral burning on 25th of December of 2009. St Mel's Cathedral fire Majestic Irish Cathedral (St. Mel in Longford) Destroyed by Fire between the conclusion of the midnight Mass and Christmas morning 2009.
Sunamis 46
I understand why holy. Blessed mother mary wants us to pray the rosary or at least 10 hail mary daily:

Because so we can make it up with every single hail mary for the sin against every law of the 10 commands-
1 hail mary is for nr 5
You ahall not murder-
The 5 times 10 hail mary stand for the 5 wound if christ, that we gve daily to him
It is to say sorry for how offended jesus
This is just my … More
Call the bluff. Make it "rare". It's like martial arts: use your opponents offensive against him.
Priests criticised by journalists. IN SLOVAK parlament ABORTION Law SUGGESTED TO BE CHANGED..SIMILAR TO POLISH VERSION,abortion on request would be prohibit and stop tourists abortion .priest Kuffa accused of supporting the LSNS the neo-Nazi party submitting this bill.
,,fifth commandment,,you wont kill"
"is it right to spread hate and throw the stones towards people.
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Hugh N. Cry
If this statement is true, he has no business being a bishop than my pinky toe does.
He was taken out of context, I'm sure; of course he meant safe for the child. Perhaps the church should use some of the collecting basket to buy its priests brains.
Apostate child of Judas Iscariot!
There is another dimension to this triangulation that most people miss. The terms "safe" and "rare" are subjective and undefined. But "legal" is objective. Essentially what Clinton and the ABp are doing is wrapping "legal" around two nice sounding but ultimately meaningless terms in hopes that nobody recognizes that "legal" is the only goal.
Lisi Sterndorfer
A church leader who bends like a reed in the wind.
@Robster - the Democrat party removed "rare" from their platform two presidential election cycles ago. And so it gathers speed, down to hell...
Oh, yeah, Bill Clinton said that, too. Good company!
Holy Cannoli
The video that was posted stops before his“safe, legal, and rare” comment .
Piotr2000 /bp Fulton Sheen, Antichrist /
Murdering innocent people in bishop Martin words, is allowed.
Where is your GOD, my Priest, my BISHOP ?
This is the time St. Faustina and St. Teresa warned us ay? Pray, Pray , Pray!!!!
Why does he us the word "LEGAL"! God help us!
Tell me this is FAKE NEWS?!! Please, pray for Eamon Martin. Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Jim Dorchak
Maybe we need SAFE, RARE, and LEGAL cardinals?
Legal? Check.
Safe? Relatively so, for the mother at least.
Rare? Not so much.

Cdl Dolan used the same phrase years ago. It was related that the context was, "OK, if you say you want abortion to be safe, rare and legal, then let's work to make that happen" (paraphrase). The idea being, if I'm not mistaken, that abortion was already legal, and relatively safe (for the mother), so now let's make … More
If he's quoting the Prime Minister, then he is siding with, agreeing with him. How shameful, disgusting, heretical. Actually, adding insult to injury, he puts it on those who voted "No" to assure abortion is "safe, legal and rare."

It's too bad he and others didn't bother to take a little walk through history. In the U.S.A. these words used to be part of the Democrat Party platform...until they … More
Our Lady of Sorrows
This is against God's law. This is NOT Catholic teaching. He should be excommunicated NOW. Please ALL Clergy OPPOSE him NOW