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Cardinal Burke: The Church runs the risk "of a schism"

Pope Francis cannot permit that a bishops' conference or an individual bishop does anything contrary to the doctrine and practice of the faith, Cardinal Raymond Burke said in a interview hosted by the Austrian philosopher Thomas Stark.

Burke called the proposal that German Protestants should be "allowed" to receive Holy Communion "absurd."

He hopes that Francis will correct this, "Otherwise, the Roman Catholic Church ends up in a situation like the ever multiplying Protestant denominations."

Further, Burke commented on Francis' recent denying the existence of hell and the immortality of the human soul noticing that there has not been a proper correction on the part of the Holy See.

According to Burke, it would have been necessary to say that Francis "reaffirms what the Church has always taught about the last things."

According to Burke the current situation in the Church runs the risk "of a schism".

Picture: Raymond Burke, #newsUnxczrvyut

Well, this concept of schism (which I learned from the nuns was pronounced skism - I guess everything's up in the air) is quite new to me.
When do we recognize / decide we need/don't need, have / don't have a schism?
Joseph a' Christian
@Jungerheld - There are numerous groups, all kalling themselves Catholic for many years now. Vatican II divided Catholics into new Mass folks, traditionalists, sedevacanttists... Since false Francis, the traditionalists have split into more groups- some over the issue whether Francis is Catholic or not. The SSPX has also split into pieces. Many Catholics now will not step into a new Mass Church,… More
A 'schism' Cardinal Burke??? There is ALREADY a schism and it's growing and coming to the surface by the DAY!!! I cannot understand why the 'terror' of the thought of 'creating a schism'!! IT'S ALREADY HERE!!!!!
If Burke had any real courage he would publicly declare Bergoglio a heretic. But I wont hold my breath.
Got news for you, there is already a schism. After VII there was a new church created which is certainly NOT orthodox in its belief. They first went after the liturgy, then the family. They are no different than protestants.
De Profundis
Remember the message of Pope Francis for World Communications Day 2018
Near the end of the interview Cardinal Burke speaks of the indissolubility of marriage and refers to this article by Richard Rex in First Things.
@Joseph a' Christian, Cardinal Burke isn't "late" but rather has been one of the few sounding the alarm since the beginning of this train wreck. For alone he has offered several interviews.
Gwaredd Thomas
Burke is the weakest link in a change of weak links. He's till a big Vatican II supporter so all his flummery about about Bergoglio is so much eye wash.
Joseph a' Christian
Your very late Raymond. Bergoglio has been kommiting blasphemies and sacrilege in Rome, for five years now.
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