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Sycophancy Rewarded: Francis' Court Journalist New Editor-in Chief of Vatican Communications

Pope Francis appointed Andrea Tornielli on December 18 as the Editorial Director (Editor-in-Chief) of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication. In the past, Tornielli, employed by the oligarch newspap…
Holy Cannoli
Tornielli is the pope's Joseph Goebbels.
Lisi Sterndorfer
After Tornielli fails, Francis could ask Eugenio Scalfari to Reform Vatican media. Just find another CCX title.

Trad Cat

Find the wrong word: "I am a Christian, but...".
Holy Cannoli
You tell 'em, Grumpy Cat!

Promoviranje bogatašev: Frančišek se je ujel v protislovja

Papež Frančišek je med svojim "nenapovedanim" obiskom na sedežu kontroverznega rimskega dnevnika Il Messaggero (8. decembra) dejal, da dobi "veliko svojih informacij" prav s tega časopisa. Povedal …
If you are interested in the European developement for upload websites - link tax and upload filter - this is a very smart interview with Julia Reda, Vice-Chair of [anti-Catholic] GreensEP group.

Link Taxes and Upload Filters Will Not Fix the Internet

Controversial online copyright proposals could see link taxes and upload filters introduced if the EU legislation passes a final vote in January …


"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Indeed, the Lord is near." – Entrance antiphon from Phil 4:4-5 for the 3rd Sunday of Advent. The colour pink or rose is customarily used on the 3rd … Več

Frančiškovi privrženci branijo kardinala Pella, celo njegovi sovražniki priznavajo nedolžnost

Biograf Papeža Frančiška, Austin Ivereigh, star 52 let, je zagovarjal kardinala Pella in kritiziral njegovo krivično obsodbo. Ivereigh je na Twitterju (13. decembra) zapisal, da pozna številne [hete…

Only One Week Until Christmas – Your Support Keeps Us Going

We are told by the Church’s elites that the "people of God" are very important and should have their say. But where does the simple faithful Catholic have such an opportunity? This is where our …

Arrested man eyed Xmas St Peter's attack - English

A 20-year-old Somali national arrested last week in Bari on terrorism charges allegedly wanted to stage an attack at St Peter's Basilica in Rome at …

Raymond Cardinal Burke with Raymond Arroyo

CARDINAL RAYMOND BURKE, former prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura joins us to talk about the global clergy sex abuse crisis, the upcoming Vatican summit on abuse in February and much more.
Solid wisdom as always. Jesus angels will act soon...
Is it my imagination, or is this an unusually long interview?

"Liberalni" škofi so hiper-avtoritarni proti katolikom - kardinal Müller

Liberalni škofi spodkopavajo svojo avtoriteto tako, da zahtevajo pokorščino lažnim naukom in kršitvam moralne zakonodaje, je zapisal kardinal Gerhard Müller v izjavi na (12. …

Fifth O Antiphon - O Oriens

Advent 2012 Father Reto Nay Gloria Retreat in preparation for Christmas Fifth O Antiphon - O Morning Star Več
Wonderful words for Catholic families. (Also, who would have thought, when this retreat was taped in 2012, how much we would be aware of European … Več
Thanks be to God for the O Oriens preaching. Listening again to better understand. Jumped to the theme being the sacraments. Need to support holy … Več

Marian University: The Marxist Queering of a Catholic University, Part I

by Michael Hichborn • Catholic institutions of higher learn...
Given how heresy prevails in many seminary, what chance is there for a Catholic college in this age of V2?

The little Guy in blue will change your mood

Children are God's best gift for a family.
You know their is a God when you see a precious child laughing.... precious..
For the world

Skrivno avstralsko kengorujsko sodišče obtožilo [nedolžnega] kardinala Georga Pella

Kardinal George Pell je 11. decembra na sodišču v Melbournu bil obsojen spolnih zlorab, ki naj bi se zgodile pred več kot 40 leti. Izpuščen je bil s plačano varščino in se lahko vrne v Sydney. Njego…

A Grisly Warning For an Aged President

One thousand white crosses were placed outside the residence of Ireland’s president Michael D. Higgins on Saturday. They represent the children whose blood will be on Higgins' hands within the first …
Sad, so sad that this dubious referendum will result in abortion, pray for the end of abortion worldwide.
Saddly a good idea
4 1,1 tis.

Francis Admits Teaching Different Doctrine Than John Paul II And Benedict XVI

Pope Francis has claimed that changing the Catechism regarding death penalty is a “progress of the doctrine of the most recent Pontiffs”. Talking to members of the “International Commission against …
Clericalism = pope Francis doctrine
There is only one doctrine and its Jesus Christ doctrine ,Popes are only guardians of His doctrine

Indijski škof na udaru škandala odstopil

Papež Frančišek je 10. decembra sprejel odstop Cuddapahskega škofa Prasada Gallele, starega 56 let, iz jugovzhodne Indije. Dva katolika sta proti njemu vložila pritožbo na sodišču v Andhra Pradeshu. …