Will Famous Hotel Columbus Go To Bill Gates?

The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre is considering which company to choose to run the Hotel Columbus, a renaissance-era building just outside St. …
@John A Cassani Old school European hotels are the worst. I'm going to Rome in 2 weeks and that's why I went with an Air B&B in a residential area.
John A Cassani
Well, having stayed there nearly a decade ago, I can say it was about the worst accommodations I’ve ever had. I may be a traditionalist, but I don’t enjoy “traditional” European hotel bathrooms, with a shower wand and a drain next to the toilet. Also, as of that time, you were still expected to turn your key in at the desk whenever leaving the hotel. Bad security. Anything would be an improvement.
That circle should be over St Peter’s, Bill has that under his belt.
doe he want to make sure he is close by to control the pope ?