New German Bishop Calls For Married Priests

Three days after Father Franz Jung, 51, was appointed as bishop of Würzburg, Germany, he called it “conceivable” to abolish celibacy.

Talking to the Bayerischer Rundfunk (February 19), Jung pointed out that Pope Francis has brought up celibacy for discussion.

As the vicar general of Speyer diocese Jung has reduced the number of parishes from 350 to 70. He is expected to do the same in Würzburg.

The German Church does not live from the real life in the parishes but from a State imposed tax. 90% of those paying the tax are not practicing Catholics.

Picture: Franz Jung, © Klaus Landry, CC BY-SA, #newsKtwkaxzsxy
I'm sure he was appointed bishop because he would push this abomination. In order to become a bishop today, you must be a liberal heretic.
@Jim Dorchak I was thinking the same thing. : )
All men that became priests it was because of devotion to serv the Lord and His church ,but when they get married ,you will be devoted to the wife and children first ,not the church
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