Mocking Christ: Homosexuals Provoke Street Battles

Militant homosexuals held an illegal September 17 march in Belgrade. Serbian MP Bosko Obradovic reported on that the homosexuals desecrated …
Bet America would welcome these pervs with open arms.
You think its funny mocking our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ?Thank God Jesus is also merciful that even when He was nailed in the cross ,"He said Father forgive them because they do not know what they do " so people one word not to forget REPENT
rose dedell
Look at this smiling idiot! Does he think Christ was smiling as He was crowned with thorns piercing his head or when His hands and feet were being nailed to the cross, all of which He did for all of us including this freak of nature!!
Sally Dorman shares this
"A homosexual draped in a homosex flag mocked the crucifixion of Christ."