Biden is excommunicated. and 2 more users link to this post and 2 more users link to this post
Wilma Lopez
This is the same thing the Democrats said when the Republicans took away their right to own slaves. Think about that
Alex A
Great analogy!
Anthony St Joseph
Wonderful comment.
All the headlines say the Supreme Court took away a constitutional right. No. They simply affirmed there isn't and NEVER was a constitutional right to abortion. This ends a 50 year lie and federal injustice to millions of lives
You can not be a democrat (communist )and catholic
The right for life of babies matter
Jesus Christ ALWAYS wins
Kunst und die schönen Dinge
JMac: Slavery is good!
Gabriel Hughes: Slavery will make people not lazy!
God to Moses: I will set my people free from slavery for I am kind, loving, merciful.
No, SCOTUS recognized the Constitution protects the right to life, that includes unborn babies. The right to life is God-given, NOT state-given.
Tom Jones
The SCOTUS simply reversed a failed decision that was using the same legal argument that the Dred Scott decision also used to enslave freed people. Evil arguments are always unstable.
Demokkkrats cried then as they cry now. They haven´t changed at all.
la verdad prevalece
Biden should be brought to trial for instigating the violence of Marxist groups against Pro-Life groups
Biden will likely attempt to mount a defense of not guilty by reason of insanity during his particular judgment.
la verdad prevalece
A Biden lo deberían de acusar por instigar la violencia de los grupos marxistas contra los grupos Providas
Even liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, before she passed, that it was not on Constitutional grounds.
la verdad prevalece