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New Controlled Leak: Female Deacons Will Be In Synodal Document

The draft of the Synod's final document will contain a proposal to introduce "female deacons," writes Christopher Lamb (, October 22).

Abolishing celibacy is also proposed. The bishops who were carefully selected for this task, will vote on the final document on Saturday. This text will be the basis for a post-synodal document published by Francis in several months.

It is possible that a female diaconate may not achieve a two-thirds majority, but exaggerated demands could be a scheme for at least abolishing celibacy usingthe tactic: demand 200%, get 100%.


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A woman cannot be ordained as a deacon. Period. She can have a bishop say some words over her and dress up and pretend to be a deacon, but she is not an ordained deacon.
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Fr Dan
Get the term right. 'Female Deacon' is sexist, racist and exclusive. The Biblical term is Deaconess. They were there to assist women in the church and never part of the ordained ministry.
I say let them bring it on. The quicker thereby we can throw them in the tiber at sunrise.
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Pray the Rosary daily.
Our Lady of the Rosary crush the head of Satan.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.
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catholics ,resist reject refuse ,things that are not catholic
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And just to clarify the Final document is voted on paragraph by paragraph, a supermajority needed for the i paragraph to remain in the Final document. The Final document is then voted on as a whole, again with a supermajority needed for it to pass. The Pope then decides what next
And Bergoglio will insert any paragraph he likes into the final document, disregarding any votes.
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The entire thing is RIGGED to the HILT! Just like the other 'Synods'
How stunning (sarcasm). I expect the worse. The end of celibacy,"female deacons," and a third major error that will likely catch everyone off guard. The third could be the worse.
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Less he converts and coverts TOTALLY to the Catholic faith, yes indeed, he is DAMNED!
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