Bishop Recycles Body Of Christ As Clock

The anti-Catholic Innsbruck Bishop Hermann Glettler, Austria, has allowed the installation of what he calls a “Jesus Clock” in the Spitalskirche, a baroque church in downtown Innsbruck.

There is no clock-face. The body of the crucified Christ is used as hour hand, his pulled out arms jointly as minute hand (video below). The clock actually works.

Glettler qualified the embarrassing installation as “irritating” (dibk.at, March 5). According to him, the movement of Christ’s wounded body symbolises that standing still has not a final say.


ResignFrancis shares this
At least the bishop didn't do anything the hierarchy would object to, like when Father Kalchik burned a gay rainbow flag in Chicago. He is still in hiding from Cupich's thugs.
very disturbing specially coming from a bishop
I know in the west they are hard to find, but an actual MAN needs to bring his ladder and tools, ascend to take this mockery down, and either use his skills to restore the Corpus, or prayerfully, penitently, bury it. Of course this sorry excuse of a bishop, who probably wouldn't dream of reporting a sodomite predator, will suddenly find the phone number for the police and have you arrested but so what?
Bishop John
This is disturbing. this is not appropriate at all. Whatever happened to these Bishop to make them go off the deep end?
When His Excellency was rector of St. Andrew, Graz, he "refurbished" his parish church in and out side as well as a local subsidiary chapel "Welsche Kirche" with a new red plastic "table altar".
Is he a satanist? (an upside down cross)
Can we sentence THIS bishop to 23 hours of solitude rather than Cardinal Pell?
Truly disturbing and evil.
I don’t understand how this has been allowed. SURELY there is someone in authority over this Bishop? The laity need to protest vigorously and loudly. We would expect this from satanists. God help us.