Italian Bishops Love Quasi-Pedophilia Movie “Cuties”

The Italian bishops' gay newspaper believes that the Netflix quasi-pedophile fantasy movie Cuties is “educational.”

The movie is about an 11-year-old Muslim girl named Amy who joins a twerking group.

In one of the many highly sexualised dancing scenes that exploit numerous scantily clad underage girls, one dancer fully displays her bare breast which, by law, constitutes illegal pedo-pornography.

Amy watches a rap music video where naked women role play heterosexual and lesbian sexual acts through dance. These acts are mimicked by the children while the camera zooms in on their private parts.

For, this is “not a scandalous sexualisation of teenagers.” It attacks a 600,000 signatures petition against Cuties.


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De Profundis
Just when you thought the bishops couldn't scandalize the faithful any further ...
De Profundis
They'd be happier if it was about little boys, a troupe of Desmondisamazing abuse victims striking poses for gay men like them.