Coadjutor: Francis De Facto Sacks Providence Bishop

In a surprise move, Francis appointed Rockville Centre Auxiliary Bishop Richard Henning, 58, as Coadjutor Bishop to Bishop Thomas Tobin, 74, of Providence …
Stay strong, Bishop Tobin - thank you for being a real Bishop - stay close to Our Lady - "do whatever HE tells you," as Our Lady counsels us - let us all pray for Bishop Tobin!
Avalanche Catholic
Is 'anyone' still surprised by any of the actions that Usurper Jorge undertakes?? That is is JOB; St. Gallen Mafia put him on the Chair of Peter, for that PRECISE PURPOSE: destroy Catholicism at the foundation.... Jorge the Usurper is having a 'grand ol time' doing just that!! But he is in for a phenomenal surprise, that will demolish his own MERCY PACHACHURCH!
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
It will all backfire on Fancis' people in the end. He'll be dead, and his thugs will be suffering thru what faithful Catholics are now. The difference is, they will soon disappear, but the Faithful Catholics (aka traditionalists) will not.
Malki Tzedek
Appalling. And heretical theologians and pro-abort 'Catholics' are forgiven and praised. No matter how low, Francis finds 'new depths' to sink.
John A Cassani
Very bad news, but not surprising. Bishop Tobin stands against everything the “big shots” promote.