Ecumenism Is Recipe for Failure: Empty Pews At Francis’ Ecumenical Vespers

Pope Francis celebrated Vespers for the beginning of the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” in the St Paul Outside the Walls' Basilica, Rome (January 18).

The ecumenical event was a failure: There seemed to be nearly as much people in the regressional procession than participating in the ceremony (video below).

Since 2017, the Vatican has not disclosed the number of visitors at Papal public encounters as they are shrinking since Francis became pope.

Francis' liberal and ecumenical approach is an impressive recipe for failure.


GJA Taylor
At last the faithful of Rome give this bad Pope a very wide berth.
God has exposed him.
My comment slip on the wrong place ,iam sorry
Evil secularism is working overtime to try to destroy the Family ,resist reject refuse evil idiologies
It is, though, applicable to Francis, the man of Globalism.
'Ecumenical Vespers, anyone?' - enough said.
" impressive recipe for failure". I am very sure there are those who have great admiration for this particular skill.
ktozjak Bog
FALSE not TRUE ecumenism...