Prayer Intentions for the Conversion of the Vatican

Over the weekend, manifests have appeared in some Roman churches, containing seven prayer intentions. Marco Tosatti has published them:
- that Rome may return to the faith

- that Our Lady may be preferred to Luther

- that faith may be preferred to politics

- that [the two pro-death-politicians] Pannella and Bonino may no longer be presented as examples

- that the Pope may speak with the cardinals before speaking with journalists

- that the Pope may not any longer persecute priests and religious orders he dislikes

- that the Pope may not keep quiet in front of those who fight the family and life.

Joseph a' Christian
Well written.
@ndhorner I am afraid, but I do not fear - do yo hear the difference? πŸ‘
@charisma don't be afraid, it might not be the most immediate means, but it is the most powerful means
I am afraid prayer is the only means in our hands to make things happen... πŸ™
That Catholic fools will finally get off merry-go-round Francis, recognize their pope Benedict XVI whom they ignore and implement his teaching which they reject ..