Francis: Lockdown Protestors Are "Victims Of Their Own Imagination"

Francis slammed those considering Covid-19 measures which governments "must impose" for the "good of their people" as some kind of "political assault on autonomy or personal freedom.”

He told Austen Ivereigh in the interview book “Let us dream” - an evident parody of "Let us pray" - that you’ll never find lockdown critics protesting leftwing causes like "the death of George Floyd," children lacking water or education, or families which lost their income.

Those who feel forced by the state to wear a mask are for Francis “victims only in their own imagination.” Francis himself never wears a mask when meeting people although Vatican protocols which he himself ordered, require this.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVsbmxghzga

Louis IX
Where is his “accompaniment”?
It looks above like the the perv pope saw some muscly black man.
A Marxist who defends governments imposing totalitarian measures even though he chooses to flaunt those measures himself. Surprise, surprise... :P
He particularly seems unkeen on masks, yet exhorts use to wear those muzzles.
"Victims of their own imagination"
He thinks that they are Johns Lennons or something?
I wish Jorge was imaginary.
Dorota R Gustek shares this
Lockdown protesters are victims of the lockdowns and they are not imaginary
Thank you for relating this to the silence over huge gatherings using George Floyd as an excuse. Scandalous. The leaders of the Catholic Church mechanics have lost their way.