Viganò: Archbishop Wilton Gregory Is A “False Shepherd”

The Church is led by many false pastors, Archbishop Viganò, a former Nuncio in Washington, warns in a June 3 letter to clergy and laity of Washington Archdiocese. “Over the past twenty years, your …
Look at the top picture: President Trump and Mrs. Melania Trump are greeted at the high altar by a nun from the Polish congregation of the Sisters of Divine Mercy, i.e. from Saint Maria Faustina (Kowalska) of the Blessed Sacrament.
Archbishop Gregory let Nancy Pelosi, a supporter of late term abortion, speak from the pulpit at St. Matthew’s Cathedral. If he can’t control his political bias he should be removed.
Only a black Pope can adequately address the unique challenges the world faces today, so I recommend Pope Francis checks his white privilege and lets Cardinal Sarah take over. Riots if it doesn't happen, Francis won't mind, the main thing is we overcome systemic racism.
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+Vigano weighs in on Gregory: Over the past twenty years, Washington has been afflicted by false shepherds full of lies, deceits, lust and corruption. Wherever they have been, they were a cause of serious scandal for your entire country and the Church.
Correction: Archbishop Vigano never once mentions Archbishop Gregory either by name or his title. While it's clear he's referring to the man, such is the difference between a well-crafted insinuation and an outright accusation. It's also the difference between journalistic liberty and libel when reporting the news.