Francis Want The Church To "Change": Commonplaces, Feelings and Slogans

The Church needs to "change,” writes Pope Francis in his April 2 document Christus Vivit, the Apostolic Exhortation resuming the October 2018 Youth Synod.

The 67-pages document is full of fluffy propaganda. Francis writes against “male authoritarianism,” warns of becoming a “museum,” and advocates for an “open Church” that sets aside "narrow [liberal?] preconceptions” and “listens more” to "the youth."

Francis wants to free the Church from those [liberals?] who make her "grow old," encase her in the [liberal?] past, hold her back or keep her at a [liberal?] standstill.”

He calls for “open doors” for young people who "belong to other religions" or who "distance themselves from religion altogether.”

Francis prefers subjective feelings over solid doctrine, “Rather than being too concerned with communicating a great deal of doctrine, let us first try to awaken and consolidate the great experiences that [allegedly] sustain the Christian life.”

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQcvwmdvykn
De Profundis
No Catholic would write that
Just remember, that there is the the word "cyborgs" in it.
I wanted to read this document, but it’s way too long. As usual. I believe nearly nobody will read it in it’s entirety.
De Profundis
Pope Francis: “For Jesus did not choose us and send us forth to become more numerous!" But Jesus said: "Go therefore and teach all nations."
paul grech
The Church wants a change alright. It wants the removal of all the rampant homosexuals atheists, heretics and apostates that infest its hierarchy at the Vatican and elsewhere. This is what Bergoglio's document should have contained!
Catholics want a Catholic pope not a....*$%&#. We are fed up with this.
According to Francis, change away from the Catholic faith is good.
My experience has been of solid doctrine sustaining my Christian life experience. If experience isn't affirmed in solid doctrine you'd better take note! He really presents doctrine as prison rather than the freedom that it is, the convincing that one will be well. I would say solid doctrine stooping down to meet "experiences" is more like prison, no matter how "great".
Well I guess drivel is better than heresy. It's always one or the other with him.
50% drivel 50% heresy. Ain't he great?