Francis On Dubia – “Not The Ecclesial Way Of Doing Things”

In a June 20 interview with Philip Pullella of the oligarch agency Reuters (June 20), Pope Francis made the very unlikely claim that he heard about the four Cardinals’ “Dubia” on Amoris Laetitia “from the newspaper” calling this "a way of doing things that is, let's say, not ecclesial".

This can only mean that Francis is reading newspaper instead of taking care of his correspondence. The Dubia were submitted to him in 2016. Francis has ignored them every since.

Among other topics of the interview, Francis called on Europe to accept mass-immigration into Europe, “You cannot reject people who arrive.” Europe needs facing a demographic winter “more immigrants”. He did not care about the demographic winter that is already hitting those poor countries who lose their young population to rich Western states because of emigration.

Francis further said that he wants more women to head Vatican departments because they were [allegedly] “better at resolving conflicts” [a think that is not commonly known].

The controversial Vatican negotiations with China are according to Francis “at a good point”.

Asked about a resignation, Francis said: “Right now, I am not even thinking about it.”

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsUxvbcfkads
Right!!! Not the 'ecclesial' way of doing things! This.....coming from the 'ecclesial' king himself!
GJA Taylor
This bad pope does not half make it up as he goes along.
Pope Francis also says Cardinal Zen, an opponent of any Vatican-China deal, is a “little fearful” although stresses “he’s a good man.
Jim Dorchak
Well this confirms that the Pope CAN read. Who knew?
Since it is a recognised and established ecclesiastical process for the clarification of confusion within the Roman Catholic Church the presentation of the Dubia most certainly is an ecclesial action. Seeding confusion is not an ecclesial act. Requesting it to be dispelled most certainly is.
It has an authenticity to it. Maximum Leader has an evident contempt for those who are too Catholic.
From the newspaper!? He reminds me of Obama, famous for saying he first heard of scandals (he was entrenched in) by viewing the evening news.

Women are not as firm in decisions as men. Bravo, Francis, just what the Vatican leadership needs - to invite women to go against their nature and pretend to be men. 🙄