Jan Joseph
Het verbieden van de Tridentijnse Heilige Mis door paus Franciscus en daardoor een schisma uitroepen in de kerk krijgt een averechts gevolg. De gelovigen willen dat Paus Franciscus af moet treden.
De Profundis shares this
AP news agency: "Traditionalists flood Rome after pope’s Latin Mass crackdown"
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I envy them.
Andrew Nelson
Although, not the masks.
Apparently this event was in full compliance with Vatican Covid Farce Protocols. Attendees must be masked but it's optional for clergy.
Facts Not Lies
Didn't you know!
Bill Gates sprinkled faery dust around and these clergy magically are not humans subject to the diaper face mandate.
Facts Not Lies
These people wear 'Farce' Masks.

These masks are the type that make sitting at an indoor meal table with stranger safe when walking with your family along the roadways is dangerous and risks EVERYONES health.
Louis IX
As beautiful as all this is the presence of all those masks cheapens it somehow.
Andrew Nelson
You are correct Louis IX.
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Dear @ Andrew Nelson Why Louis lX ?