Francis, "better to have a damaged Church that goes out"

Angelus, SEptember 20, Francis believes that it is "better to have a damaged Church that goes out and proclaims the Gospel, than a Church that is sick from being closed in" on itself
"and antipope". @Jimbo 2:19 (BS) Sorry, that little sprinkle of "jimmies" got swept up last night. Get a new can of lies. That one's gettin' real stale. :P
He caused and will cause great damage to the Church.
F M Shyanguya
Er ... who closed the Church at the beginning of the scamdemic?
What do you suppose "going out" means to him?
F M Shyanguya
Repeating the same catch phrases from the beginning of his pontificate. Pertinent part is not the “going out”, because by her very nature the Church is missionary, but “damaged”. How he draws “damaged” from missionary, only he/his master knows.
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