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Francis Says His Inter-religious Heresies Come "From Second Vatican Council”

During his flight from the United Arab Emirates to Rome (February 5) Pope Francis defended his Abu Dhabi statement on “Human Fraternity” in which he claimed that all religions are "willed by God".

Francis said that his theories are in “the line of inter-religious dialogue pursued by the Second Vatican Council”, adding that the document was made “in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council”.

Francis went on, “It is not a step back. It is a step ahead that comes from fifty years ago.” He insisted that the text does not “distance itself even a millimeter from the Second Vatican Council”.

This marks the first time that a pope has de facto admitted that the Second Vatican Council contains heresies.

Francis added that he consulted with several "theologians" before he decided to sign the [heretical] Abu Dhabi text, naming among them the theologian of the Pontifical Household, British-Polish Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych who was appointed by Benedict XVI.

St. Paul Miki: "There is no way to be saved except the Christian way. My religion teaches me to pardon my enemies and all who have offended me. I do gladly pardon the Emperor and all who have sought my death. I beg them to seek baptism and be Christians themselves."
" If any man love not our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema, maranatha."
— 1 Corinthians 16: 22
Pray for the conversion and soul of this Pope
All religions do come from God--accidentally but not essentially.. In the same manner all sin comes from God--accidentally: God created man, and man sins

The Catholic religion comes from Divine Revelation
Comes from hell. That is where it comes.
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I know this may be difficult for some to read, but the pied pipers of this heresy are the late JPII and Benedict.
“Anyone without the Church will never be saved.” -Pope Saint Gregory the Great
“There is no salvation outside the Church.” -Pope Leo XIII
“All outside the Church will not be saved.” -Pope Gregory XVI
“God wills many religions.” -Pope Francis
I was reminded of this.
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Christ's Church is being turned upside down. Unrepentant sinners are Saints, the wicked are virtuous, the just guilty, those who tread the path of damnation are the Elect, heretics are sages, the heathen to be preferred, but the road to Heaven is not 1mm wider thanks to Francis.
alex j
Free will is conveniently overlooked. Put the 'blame' on God. Still, Francis does imply that V 2 is heretical.
Francis didn't say that God "allowed" or "permitted" all religions. Instead, he said that God "willed" all religions.
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muziklvr @>Your right of course ,however semantics on a blog site are hardly worth the pedantic scrutiny.
Asked about Catholics who say that he is “manipulated” by Muslims, Pope Francis joked, “Not only by Muslims. They accuse me of being manipulated by everyone, including journalists.”
Pope Francis confirms other religions, denominations, heretics,… in their errors, but not Catholics in their Faith
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When you're a Francis’ “theologian”, but Catholic kids know more than you.