Well, they can 'ordain' whoever they want. Nonetheless, that person will
1. Not have powers of the priesthood (sacrament of Holy Orders).
2. Not effect transubstantiation (sacrament of Holy Eucharist) ,
3. Not give valid absolution (sacrament of Confession)

It will be the church of Lets Pretend
Fr Dan
Please go to the church of Ireland (anglican). They'll give you all you want
alfred dunn
Wonder why the Irish have lost the faith.
God Almighty , in the form of Jesus Christ, has spoken about this and therefore the decision is final. That won't stop those who think they know better than Christ , though. Their pride knows no bounds.
This man is not a Catholic....yet he is made a bishop!
Nothing the gab can’t sort out!
atreverse pensar
They always do the same thing: apparently they say no to the female priesthood, but they put people there to promote it.