Francis' Pectoral Cross: Very Strange Features

Crazy: The Good Shepherd on Francis' pectorale has his left foot turned backwards.

The pectorale was designed by Antonio Vedele (+1997). Francis has worn it in silver and gold since he became Buenos Aires Archbishop. Ann Barnhardt lists on Barnhardt.biz (February 18) demons who have their legs and feet turned backwards:

• Mayas' Tata Duende is a small demon with an ugly, mean face.

• South Asia: Churel, also called Pichal Peri, appears as beautiful woman who targets vulnerable men.

• Brazil: Curupira, a demon who looks like a man or a dwarf, produces with its feet wrong footprints to confuse hunters and travellers (pictured below 1926, Amazonian legend).

• India: Bhuta, an evil spirit or the ghost of a deceased person.

• Dominican Republic: Ciguapa, a ravenous female creature, eats the flesh and souls of men (pictures).

The reversed legs are an instrument to lead victims astray by confusion and deception.

Such a pectorale was also worn at times by Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (+1996) pictures), an anti-Catholic prelate who was accused of homosex abuses and who controlled the appointment of US-bishops under John Paul II.


Something very wrong here!
Louis IX
At first I thought it was poor draftsmanship creating an optical illusion but on closer inspection the pronounced calf muscle of his right leg is protruding to our left, same as his left leg. A bizarre ugly piece of art that should not be worn by a Pope. This is another reason to stick with beauty and tradition and to avoid the works of unskilled, modernist hacks.
Live Mike
Are you familiar with the expression, "Hidden in plain sight"?
Curupira in an illustration by Ernst Zeuner, 1937
This is Tata Duende